Sudan’s SCoP reiterates no concession over power transfer to civil rule

(KHARTOUM) - The leader of the Sudanese Congress Party (SCoP) said that the handover of power to a civilian entity remains an undisputed goal that the forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change are resolved to reach.

"The current priorities for the military council are to restore power to the people, and to observe the civilian character of governmental institutions," Omer al-Digair told a news conference on Monday.

"There is no concession or compromise on this matter."

"Negotiations with the Transitional Military Council have one goal: to transfer power to civilians from the revolutionary forces to implement the Declaration of the Forces of Freedom and Change," he said.

Talks on the power transfer to the freedom and change forces are stalled over the military demand to have control over the sovereignty council which they see armed with large powers. Also, they diverge with the opposition groups that waged the four-month protests over the duration of the transitional period.

The military council is, in addition, accused of severing regional interests that continue to push them to not hand over power, even if, the African Union imposes sanctions on Sudan.

The opposition leader further pointed out that the delay in the hand over process exacerbates the crises of fuel, bread and lack of liquidity.

"The revolution did not win completely" although it succeeded in cutting the head of the regime, he admitted.

He pointed to what is unanimously admitted in Khartoum about the military failure or unwillingness to stop the anti-revolutionary activities and the fake news by the partisans of the former regime.

"There are cells that are still living in the body of the system representing the deep state, and must be removed," he said.

Al-Digair said that the SCoP has agreed in a recent meeting at the level of the Central Council that the process of political transition and democratic transformation of the country must come simultaneously with the end of the war and the achievement of a just and comprehensive peace.

He added that this was one of the reasons for their rejection of early elections but also there is a need to dismantle the deep state, especially that "remnants of the former regime are still vibrant."

The SCoP leader was flanked in the press conference by the head of the SCoP Central Council Abdel Qayoom Awad al-Sayed who briefed the media about the outcome of the meeting of the Council, which was held on 3-4 May.

Source: Sudan Tribune

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