Sudan’s RSF foils sabotage attempt in Khartoum

(KHARTOUM) - Sudan's the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) announced on Monday they had foiled a sabotage plot and seized weapons and explosives in the Taif neighbourhood east of Khartoum.

The Sudanese news agency quoted Lt-Col Jiddo Abdel-Rahman as saying that they had received information about a house in the Taif area containing weapons and ammunition.

"An RSF team moved into the house and found sniper rifles, automatic machine guns, explosive belts, equipment, modern communication equipment and special devices for remote detonation."

The official did not reveal more details about the seizure of arms and the identity of suspects.

However, the RSF in a Tweet posted on Monday said they arrested a cell planning to carry out criminal activities aiming to destabilize Sudan's stability.

Source: Sudan Tribune

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