Sudan’s opposition plans to continue protests during Ramadan: spokesperson

The Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) Friday emphasized their determination to keep up popular mobilization in the country until a civilian government is formed despite the approach of Ramadan which is expected to begin on Monday.

Amjad Farid, a SPA spokesperson held a press conference in Khartoum to brief journalists on the political developments in the country as they are waiting for the response of the military council to a constitutional document to rule Sudan during a fouryear transitional period.

He told reporters that they are waiting for the position of the military council of their proposals pointing that the sitin outside the army headquarters will continue.

"The sitin will continue until the demands of the masses (for a civilian rule) are met and the barricades will remain".

Further, he said they are ready to continue the protests during Ramadan, indicating that arrangements have been taken to provide food and drinks to the protesters during the holy month Ramadan where Muslims fast every day from dawn to sunset.

"The field committees have started preparing day and night programs," Farid said.

"There is no negotiation on removing the barricades and breaking the sitin," he stressed.

Last week, the military council asked the SPA which coordinates the protests for five months now to remove barricades from the streets in the vicinity of the military headquarters, but the opposition rejected the demand saying the barricades will be removed when an agreement is reached over the power transfer.

Regarding, the discussions between the two sides, he said that talks are direct between the two sides and of course the door is open for anyone to give his view on this respect.

The spokesperson was alluding to a number of facilitators who try to narrow the gaps between the positions of the parties.

He reiterated they will not refuse any mediation unless they contradict the principles of the declaration of the forces of freedom and change".

However, "We have nothing to hide from our people about negotiating with the Council," he added.

The difference between the military council and the freedom and changes forces is mainly over the composition and powers of the sovereignty council.

Source: Sudan Tribune

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