KHARTOUM, -- Sudan's Minister of Investment, Dr. Mudathir Abdul-Ghani, has held discussions here with the visiting Secretary-General of the Common Market of Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), Sandso Naguina, who is visiting the country to explore ways to strengthen Sudan's economic benefits through its membership in the economic grouping.

Their discussions Wednesday touched on the importance of concerted African efforts to achieve the goals developed by the COMESA bloc, as well as investment issues in Sudan, the efforts of the country in creating a conducive investment environment and the impact of economic sanctions on investments in Sudan imposed by the united States.

The COMESA Secretary-General said that he would hold meetings with the relevant authorities for joint co-ordination to search for a mechanism to strengthen economic and trade co-operation among COMESA countries as one of the prerequisites for the unification of the African position on global economic issues.

Dr. Abdul-Rahman reviewed investment opportunities in the country and Sudan's efforts to promote exports. The Minister pointed to the growing investments in the country as a result of concessions granted under national laws as well as the resources which Sudan has.

The minister said he looked forward to a unified African stance consolidating the competitiveness in the continent's markets to serve the African economy to utilize the resources and develop exports.

Source: Name News Network

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