Sudan’s investigation committee summons military over bloody attack

(KHARTOUM) – The media advisor of the Sudanese army commander in chief confirmed Wednesday that the remembers of the dissolved Transitional Military Council (TMC) would appear before the investigation committee within two weeks.
On Monday, Chems al-Din Kabbashi a member of the Sovereign Council and former TMC spokesman said he had not been summoned by the investigation committee into the bloody attack on the pro-democracy protesters outside the army headquarters on 3 June 2019.
The day after, the head of the committee investigation Nabil Adib deplored Kabbashi’s statement and announced that he had received an official summons to appear before his committee.
To cut short further developments on this sensitive issue in Khartoum, Brigadier General al-Tahir Abu Hajjah issued a statement Wednesday announcing that all the former TMC members have been summoned to appear before the committee.
“The commission of investigation into the dispersal of the sit-in requested the Sovereign Council, in the second half of November, that all members of the Military Council appear before it,” said Abu Hajjah who is the media adviser of Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, the head of the Sovereign Council.
“The (investigation) committee has set December 16 for the TMC members to appear, and the request has not yet been notified to the members,” he stressed.
The military official was keen to stress that the summons was for all the TMC members and not Kabbashi alone.
The spokesman of the former military body has a bad image in the Sudanese street and often criticized by the youth who took part in the revolution that led to the collapse of the al-Bahir regime.
Independent groups say some two hundreds of peaceful sit-inners were killed by the security forces. But the health ministry claimed that only 85 people had been killed.
Recently, the attorney general discovered mass grave sites near the Al-Markhiyat Mountains northwest of Omdurman.
Adib committee has to identify the military involved in the 3-June attack on the peaceful protesters.

Source: Sudan Tribune