KHARTOUM, -- Sudanese Vice-President Hassabo Mohammed Abdul Rahman chaired a meeting here Tuesday to follow up on developments South Sudan where inter-factional fighting has left hundreds dead in recent days.

State Minister for Foreign Affairs Dr Obeidalla Mohammed Obeidalla said in media statement that the meeting reviewed ways of carrying out the requested measures towards the current developments in South Sudan regarding Sudanese citizens, their properties and lives in that country.

Obeidalla said based on information provided, so far, the number of the registered Sudanese nationals in Juba, the South Sudan capital where the fighting had taken place, was about 750.

He added that the Sudanese government was in contact with the United Nations Mission in South Sudan and Uganda to evacuate Sudanese nationals who might wish to leave Juba.

He said the meeting also discussed ways of dealing with an expected influx of South Sudan nationals who might flee into the Sudan as had happened previously when fighting broke out in that country.

Meanwhile, Foreign Ministry Under-Secretary Abdul-Ghani Al-Naeem discussed the situation in South Sudan with the United States Charge d'Affaires in Sudan, Steven Kotses, including ways in which Sudan and US could co-operate to help in restoring stability and security in South Sudan.

Kotses stressed the important role being played by Sudan, among South Sudan's neighbouring countries, for realizing peace and stability in South Sudan.

South Sudan, the world's youngest nation, was a part of the Sudan until it seceded to become an independent country in July 2011.

Source: Name News Network

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