Sudanese take to the streets defying state of emergency

(KHARTOUM) - Sudanese in different areas and districts of Khartoum state Thursday went to the street defying the state of emergency and chanting slogan against President Omer al-Bashir calling for his resignation.

Thursday's processions were the first test for the Sudanese Professional Association under the state of exception. The Sudanese organised different form of protests going from the simples processions to the sit-ins with anti-government slogans in different neighbourhoods of the capital.

In Omdurman, the protest began in the central market after what the riot police and security forces intervened to disperse the crowds and ordered the traders to close their shops.

However other protests were organised in Al-Abasya where activists broadcasted a video of two children arrested and violently beaten by the security forces. Other protests were organized in Wad Nubawi and Abu Roaf neighbourhoods.

In Al-Umara neighbourhood of Omdurman, the riot police stormed the house of the National Umma Party Secretary-General Sara Nugdalla to arrest a protester who sought refuge there. So, after the family's rejection to hand him over they arrested another guest in their home.

In a statement released on Thursday evening, the SPA praised the huge mobilisation in Khartoum state and other parts of the country.

The protesters reaffirmed that "no voice over the voice of the people, and there is no battle other than the peaceful revolution," said the statement which announced the protests of the next week, starting from Friday 1 March.

Huge protests were held in Jabra, Alklakla Shajarah districts and Khartoum neighbourhoods of Al-Daiem, Sahafa and Riyadh. Also, Al-Mamourra and Jiraif participated in the protests.

Burri neighbourhood of Khartoum took part in the demonstrations as youth marched in the streets chanting anti-government slogans.

The police and security forces were present in the area to break up the protest. Also, the security agents were seen storming houses to arrest demonstrators.

It was noticed that the riot police and security forces made use of tear gas and did not open fire on the protesters.

Sudanese Doctors Committee reported that a man in his 60s who was beaten with sticks in his head because he sheltered demonstrators in his home.

Further, in a statement released after the end of demonstrations, they reported that several people injured with a tear gas canister and a number of tear gas suffocation cases.

The Sudanese officials said the state of emergency does not mean to prevent authorized protests but to address the economic situation. However, the presidential decree banned unlicensed gatherings and strikes.

Source: Sudan Tribune

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