Sudanese professionals reiterate calls to transfer power to civilians

(KHARTOUM) -The Sudanese Professionals Association Saturday has urged the Sudanese people to keep protests and to continue the sit-in outside the army headquarters until to hand over power to civilians.

The former head of the Military Transitional Council, Awad Ibn Ouf resigned on Friday after dismissing the army chief of staff Kamal Abdel Marouf on Friday, in response to the street demand. Both were seen as part of the al-Bashir regime.

The resignation was celebrated by the Sudanese during the night, as the professionals' group which coordinates the protests called to remain mobilized until the full power transfer to a civilian government.

"Today, we continue our journey to complete our victorious revolution. We celebrate our victories and affirm that our revolution is continuing and will not retreat or deviate from its path to achieve full and legitimate demands of the people: handing over the power to a civil transitional government in accordance with the Declaration of Freedom and Change," the SPA said in a statement released on Saturday morning.

The statement further stressed its demand for justice for all the crimes committed against the martyrs of the revolution and the Sudanese people.

The head of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) who stepped down from the military council to protest the decisions of Ibn Ouf and to press for his resignation expressed his support for the new head of the transitional military council and called for a very short transitional period.

"General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan is well accepted by the army, the Sudanese people and an honest man. We cannot accept chaos " and I call on the protesters to accept the military council," he said.

Source: Sudan Tribune

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