KHARTOUM, -- Sudan's President Omer Al-Bashir has declared an extension of the ceasefire between the government and rebel groups until the end of 2016 to provide a suitable political atmosphere and to honour the existing climate of celebration of the national dialogue outcome.

In his address at the concluding sitting of the national dialogue conference here Monday, President Al-Bashir called on the forces rejecting the national dialogue not to miss the current historical opportunity and to join the unprecedented national consensus and accord in Sudan's political history.

President Al-Bashir voiced appreciation over the content of the National Document which was signed by all the participating political parties and movements. He asserted that the National Document would be continue to be available for signing by political forces and movements still holding out against signing it.

He emphasized the commitment of the State to implement the agreed issues in the National Document, adding that the Presidency would adopt all the required procedures to implement the recommendations emanating from the dialogue.

He also lauded the position of the all the political and societal forces who had responded positively to the Wathba (Renaissance) project and waited until this project reached its aspired goals.

Source: Nam News Network

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