Sudanese President Omer Al-Bashir chaired a meeting of the country's Defence and National Security council here Wednesday with the session devoted to defining the importance of the Red Sea as it relates to security, movement of trade, navigation and maritime military deployment and imposition of influence and threats.

Minister in the Presidency and the rapporteur for the council, Dr. Fadul Abulla Fadul, said in a media statement later that the meeting also discussed ways for the security and defence and development of Sudan's coastal areas in all economic fields, including tourism, fisheries, and mining.

He indicated that the council's periodic meetings are devoted to deliberations of current issues and its recommendations focus on service of the issues related to the country and its citizens, pointing out that future meetings will tackle issues directly related to national security and how to develop the required solutions at all levels.

It is worth noting that previous meetings of the National Defence and Security Council had contributed to the success of various initiatives and the resolution of the problems. Meanwhile, the Council is expected to continue its contributions in the various issues according to an ambitious plan based on the healthy atmosphere that has resulted from the formation of the national reconciliation government in the country.

Source: NAM News Network

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