KHARTOUM, April 3 (NNN-SUNA) -- President Omer Al-Bashir of Sudan has called for establishment of an African justice court which will frame its rulings on evidence and not on fabrications and political considerations.

Addressing the Conference of the Chiefs Justice and Heads of Supreme Courts of Africa here Sunday, President Al-Bashir called on the conferees to work for the enhancement of the judicial and justice environment in Africa by benefiting from African customs, traditions and values.

He pointed out that African justice had discovered that the so-called International Criminal Court (ICC) is just a politicized colonialist tool which is targeting African leaders and depicting Africa as a continent of human rights violations, violence, refugees and crimes against humanity.

He added that the African Union (AU) had called for a collective withdrawal by African countries from the ICC after all of Africa became assured about the reality of this unfair colonialist tool.

The inaugural Conference of the Chiefs Justice and Heads of Supreme Courts of Africa got underway in Khartoum with the participation of delegations from 40 countries, the Deputy Chief Justice of China, the patron of Chiefs Justice in the world and the co-ordinator of the international Chief Justice Conference.

The opening session was as attended by President Al-Bashir, a number of Cabinet ministers, the Speaker of the National Legislature and number of judges, advocates, diplomats, national personalities and university lecturers.

During the first session, the conference discussed the axis of the African experiment in solving disputes by alternative means, including four working papers presented by the Chiefs Justice of Libya, Zambia, Algeria and the Deputy Chief Justice of Sudan.

On Monday, the conference will discuss the judicial system and the mechanisms for its development and on Tuesday, the conference will discuss cross-border crimes. --NNN-SUNA

Source: NAM News Network

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