Sudanese political parties oppose new sovereignty council

Sudanese political parties oppose new sovereignty council

The central council of the Forces for Freedom and Change Coalition in Sudan has opposed the formation of a new sovereignty council saying they do not recognize any government appointed by the military.

Members of Sudanese political parties described the decision taken by the military leader, General Abdul Fattah Al-Burhan, to appoint a new sovereign council as a coup and said it is an extension of the military takeover with a plan to have the army control and rule the country again.

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj, Mohammed Al Hadi, one of the leaders in the central council for Freedom and Change Coalition, said the decision of General Al Burhan is illegal and violates the constitution.

“This is a complete coup that does not institute any legal constitutional situation in the country,” Al Hadi said. “Be it a sovereign council or cabinet, we regard them as violators of the constitutional document.”

He said he regards the move as a series of military coups that Sudanese have experienced ever since independence in 1956A and that as political parties, they still consider the legitimacy of the constitutional document as a base for any political process and democratic transformation in Sudan. “Sudanese will continue to defend this constitution through peaceful means until a full civilian rule is restored in the country.” Al Hadi added.

On 25 October, General Burhan dissolved the cabinet and suspended articles of the constitutional declaration. He accused some political parties of excluding the military in taking part in the transitional government.

Hatim Ayub, a Sudanese political analyst, said that the military appointing a sovereign council or any other government has no legal basis.

“The measure taken by the military in appointing a new sovereign council is a unilateral measure and contradicts the constitutional document,” Ayub said. “The constitutional document is very clear, appointing a government is the mandate of the Prime Minister, including the declaration of a state of emergency.”

He added: “Therefore, all the procedures that have been taken by Al Burhan have no legal or constitutional basis and it violates the constitutional document.”

Ayub said he expects the political forces to come up with an official decision to distance themselves from the constitutional document so that it loses all legitimacy.

Source: Radio Tamazuj

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