Sudanese opposition calls for international investigation into brutal repression of protests

(LONDON) - The opposition Sudan Call External Affairs Secretary Yasir Arman Friday urged the international community to stop the normalization process with the government of President Omer al-Bashir and to investigate recent human rights violation against peaceful protesters.

The Sudanese opposition forces have staged a diplomatic campaign to draw support for the nearly two-month peaceful demonstrations calling on al-Bashir to step down.

In a speech delivered at the Oxford University on Friday, Arman recalled that the ICC-wanted al-Bashir has ruled Sudan for 30 years and was not able to resolve the country basic issues. Instead, he has involved the country "in terrorism and internal wars".

"The international community needs to put an end to their strategic dialogue with Khartoum. What strategic dialogue can be achieved with a president who is wanted by the ICC and with a regime that commits genocide and war crimes?"

He said that the Western democratic states should stop their strategic dialogue with the government of President Bashir and his regime and instead, help establish an independent international committee to investigate human rights violations.

"They must recommend taking Sudan back to Item 4 in the Human Rights Council and appointing a new Rapporteur," he further stressed.

Item 4, is a rare and special procedure can be decided by the Human Rights Council when the latter deems it is warranted by the seriousness of the situation in a country. As a result, it may set up an investigation committee or appoint a special rapporteur.

From 1993 to 2009, the HRC had appointed a UN special rapporteur on human rights in Sudan. Since it has been replaced by an independent expert tasked with providing technical assistance to the government on human rights reforms.

The international community condemned the excessive use of force and killing of 31 protesters. Also, Washington and London called on Khartoum to end the brutal crackdown of civilians and to ensure freedom warning that they may reconsider the ongoing dialogue to normalize relations and remove sanctions.

On the negotiations process, Arman said the Sudanese regime is not genuine in its search for peace.

"Its piecemeal approach will have no place in the new Sudanese political landscape given the huge impact of this revolution," he said.

In addition, the deputy leader of the SPLM-N Agar appealed on the peace mediators and facilitators to rethink the way they are dealing with the issue of Sudan.

"No one among the Sudanese national political forces will accept business as usual. The current peaceful revolution requires a totally new approach to Sudan by the regional and international community," he stressed.

Source: Sudan Tribune

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