Sudanese Oil and Gas Minister Abdul-Rahman Osman Abdul-Rahman has stressed the need to introduce technology to modernize the development of the country's gas sector in order to achieve the highest efficiency by benefiting from the production of oil and its increased output.

He stated this during a meeting here Monday with a Malaysian-Saudi investment group, which wishes to develop the gas fields in Sudan's Al-Fula area, about 720 kilometres south west of here, in partnership with Sudapet, Sudan's State-owned energy company.

The minister provided data on opportunities available for investments in the country's energy sector while welcoming investment in the development of the gas resources and describing it as a vital investment.

The Malaysian-Saudi group's chief executive officer, Rashid Mohamed Ali, affirmed the availability of resources and studies that encourage access to energy and gas production.

The Oil and Gas Minister, along with the State Minister at the Ministry of Oil and Gas, Saaduddin Hussein Al-Bushra, also met here Monday representatives of the Crescent Group of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which has completed its field studies in a number of oil fields and expressed its desire to establish a centre to benefit from it by developing gas-related industries as well as cooking gas production in Sennar state, underscoring the opportunities available now for the extraction of gas for electricity production and industrial uses.

Source: NAM News Network

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