Sudanese hold first strike since eruption of protests

(KHARTOUM) - Large portions of doctors, pharmacists, journalists et and other qualified professionals took part in the one-day strike in Sudan on Tuesday.

The strike intervenes as the anti-government protests have continued since its eruption on 19 December 2018 forcing President al-Bashir to declare the state of emergency in the country for one year.

The Sudanese Professional Association (SPA) which oversees the protests in Sudan in coordination with the other opposition groups organized the first strike to prepare the street for a general strike leading to the overthrow of the regime.

Many Sudanese in the capital remained at their homes and a big number of shops were closed in Khartoum. However, Sudan Tribune noticed that large portions among the participants in the strike were from the educated groups while workers small traders and other small businesses were not affected by the strike.

The closure of pharmacies in the state of Khartoum was remarkable, as the opposition Sudan Doctors' Syndicate said 85 percent of the pharmacists took part in the strike.

Also, there was visible participation of doctors who, since the beginning of the protests, have announced a strike on cold cases. Doctors in many hospitals in Khartoum, Madani, Kassala and other cities have published photographs supporting the strike.

Staff from a number of key companies joined in the strike along with a large number of big shops in the capital markets.

Journalists from various newspapers took part in the strike, especially those that are subject to censorship and security harassment including Al-Tayyar, Al-Jareeda, the Baath, Akhbar Alwatan, Al-Midan.

Al-Sudani journalists released a group photo to mark the strike.

Universities and colleges are already closed in Sudan.

The SPA issued a statement on Tuesday evening saying that the Sudanese had confirmed that there is no retraction from their demand for the fall of the regime.

Source: Sudan Tribune

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