KHARTOUM, Sudanese and British officials held talks at the Foreign Ministry here Tuesday, led by Foreign Ministry Under-Secretary Abdul-Ghani Al-Naeem and the visiting British Foreign Office Under-Secretary, Simon MacDonald.

Al-Naeen said in a media statement after their discussions that the visit of the British delegation came within the framework of agreements reached at strategic dialogue between Sudan and Britain in its second round, held in London last October, and that the third round of the dialogue would convene in Khartoum.

He added the visit reflected the progress made in relations between the two countries and disclosed that the talks had tackled bilateral, regional and international issues and that Sudan's concern is how to realize peace and development to which Britain could contribute.

He added that agreement was reached for a number of British companies to visit Sudan soon to seek investment opportunities and that the issue of peace returning to South Sudan was also discussed. Other international issues discussed by the two sides included illegal migration.

Al0Naeen described the talks as frank and open and that the two sides discussed writing off Sudan's debts and the role of Britain in this issue. He affirmed that dialogue between Sudan and Britain would continue on how to boost opportunities for Sudan to settle its debts.

He indicated that there was agreement between Sudan and South Sudan to jointly co-operate on the issue of debts and that if the issue was not settled the debts would be divided between the two countries.

MacDonald said this was his first visit to Sudan and that the talks were fruitful and came within the framework of the bilateral strategic dialogue which took place in last October in London .

He said he held fruitful discussion on various issues, noting that Sudan and Britain are linked by historic ties, disclosing that the delegation paid visit to Darfur and witnessed great development on the ground there.


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