Sudanese authorities arrest 4 figures of former ruling party

he Sudanese authorities arrested 4 leaders and cadres of the dissolved National Congress Party (NCP), a leading member told the Sudan Tribune, on Friday

The arrest took place after reports by the security agencies that the NCP orchestrated a campaign to destabilise the transitional government taking advantage of the difficult economic situation and the rampant inflation in Sudan.

of the former regime confirmed that four of its leaders and cadres have as part of a campaign initiated by the committee to dismantle the 30th of June 1989 system against elements of the party that it said had incited violence in the recent protests.

Mohamed al-Hasan al-Amin, a leading member of the dissolved Islamist party said the authorities on Friday arrested Amin Hassan Omer, journalists Yasir al-Attar and Khawild Abdel Azim.

"We have a confirmation that Amin Hassan Omer was arrested. At first, we were in touch with him but we are no longer in contact with him," he told the Sudan Tribune.

Omer was transferred to a detention facility at the Police Northern Section in Khartoum.

Al-Amin further pointed out that the arrests, which took place Thursday, of former Vice-President Hassabo Abdel-Rahman, and journalist Hussein Khojali, the publisher of Alwan newspaper and owner of Omdurman TV satellite channel.

Al-Amin further described the arrest of the NCP leader as "arbitrary" because they did not commit a crime.

He added that they were in contact with the prosecutor who informed them that the Empowerment Removal Committee had demanded to arrest them and they would bring the charges directed against them on Saturday.

He further expected the arrested NCP leaders would be released because they did not commit any crime, as he said.

On Thursday, the removal committee launched criminal measures through the Public Prosecution against the active figures of the dissolved NCP in the capital and the states. They are accused of organising riots in the country involving attacks and burning of public buildings.

A number of governors said they initiated legal measures against the NCP leading members in their states in line with the directives received from the Empower Removal Committee.

The states of Al-Jazira and Sennar declared the state of emergency preemptively to avoid violent protests that took place in 6 states.

In the same vein, The Sudan Tribune learned that the governor of Khartoum state received arrest warrants on Thursday for 77 members of the former regime.

The newly appointed ministers of interior and the federal government will travel to El-Obeid, capital of North Kordofan, on Saturday to inspect the security situation there following the violent protests and attacks on transport vehicles and public buildings.

Source: Sudan Tribune

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