Sudan's foreign ministry is currently working out a comprehensive strategy on the country's relations with the rest of Africa, which it regards as the top priority, says Foreign Minister Ibrahim Ghandour.

Addressing the Sudan Ambassadors Conference which opened here Sunday, he said the focus was on Africa, through the effective movement and the diplomatic openness policy by opening of more embassies in a number of African countries, besides strengthening summit diplomacy and the movements of senior officials to secure the country's effective participation in all African forums and activities.

Professor Ghandour stressed that Sudanese diplomacy had enabled the country to establish relations with neighboring countries, based on the joint interests, mutual respect and co-operation, instead of conflicts and disputes.

"Sudan has won the full support of the African and Arab groups concerning the country's issues, especially with the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the co-operation with the African Union (AU) in the context of realization of peace," he said.

He added that Sudan had also continued to highlight its concern over interaction with the various Arab issues, including those relating to Syria, Yemen and Libya. He affirmed that Sudan's relations with Arab countries and Asian countries had witnessed remarkable progress.

Ghandour reiterated Sudan's total rejection of attempts aimed at politicization and violation of the provisions of international law, like the relationship between the United Nations Security Council and the ICC, which has shown that politicization and double standards could turn it into a mechanism for targeting African leaders only.

Meanwhile, Sudanese First Vice-President and Prime Minister Lieutenant-General Bakri Hassan Salih has lauded the huge roles being carried out by Sudanese diplomacy in developing external relations of Sudan as well as its contribution along with other concerned institutions to maintaining security and safety of the nation.

"The Foreign Ministry has met its pledges and transferred many challenges into opportunities amidst an inappropriate regional and international environment," the First Vice-President said when he addressed the Sudan Ambassadors Conference on Monday.

Source: NAM News Network

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