Sudan: WFP Sudan Country Brief, August 2017

  • Sudan is ranked fifth among the most food insecure countries in the world and is one of 34 countries contributing to 90 percent of the global burden of malnutrition. Under current conditions of protracted crisis, even by 2030, Sudan cannot reach SDG 2, Zero Hunger—End Hunger, achieve food security and promote sustainable agriculture.

  • WFP Sudan sees the food-human security nexus as equally important as the humanitarian-development nexus. Food insecurity leads to economic decline and will continue to stunt the growth of the young Sudanese. Sudan’s recovery and durable stability – or further displacement and conflict – will depend on the recovery of food systems and improved nutrition.

  • To shift the odds in favour of achieving SDG 2 in Sudan, WFP is adopting “life changing” activities that build selfreliance, resilience and capacity strengthening for men and women over time, while remaining agile and maintaining its hallmark emergency response capacity.

  • WFP cannot do this alone. Working through national and international partnerships, WFP will contribute to food assistance, preventive and curative nutrition interventions and safe access to fuel and energy to attain SDG 2. At the same time, achieving SDG 17—Revitalise the global partnership for sustainable development., WFP will provide infrastructure support through access to theihu9 United Nations Humanitarian Air Service and as well as technical and supply chain and telecommunications

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