KHARTOUM, Sudan's Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Badr-Eddin Mahmoud Abbas, has held talks here with the Charge d'Affares of the United States Embassy in Sudan, Steven Koutsis, to review existing policieis so as to restore an investment to encourage US trade and investment following the recent lifting of economic sanctions on the country.

He confirmed that Sudan was creating a conducive investment climate along reviewing the policies to restore economic stability s as to enable American companies to engage in investment in strategic sectors in this country.

Thursday's meeting, which was also attended by the US embassy's Deputy Counselor for Economic and Political Affairs, Rashida Sansui Peru, also discussed the economic conditions that would prevail between the two countries after the lifting economic sanctions on Sudan.

The meeting also reviewed the possible expansion of co-operation in the financial and banking sector to increase commercial exchanges between Sudan and the US through the export of Sudanese products to the US and import of US products by Sudan, as well as co-operation in Sudan's aviation, railways and tourism sectors.

The Minister referred to the US co-operation in assisting refugees in Sudan and in assistance to Sudan in hosting four million refugees.

An American mission will arrive in the country soon to consider the possibility of providing support as well as extending financial assistance to Sudan to combat human trafficking, which constitutes a major financial burden for Sudan without the help of the international community.

The minister pointed to the continuity of co-operation in the normalization and development of economic relations between the two countries besides the opening of the Sudanese market for US companies to benefit from Sudan's trade relations with member countries of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) and with the Gulf states.

Koutsis expressed his country's desire to normalize relations with Sudan in all economic political sectors and co-operation in banking after the lifting of the sanctions.

He said American companies were interested to visit Sudan for a closer look at the major schemes such as Gezira Scheme to invest in the agricultural sector.


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