KHARTOUM, March 28 The Sudanese government and the United Nations have signed an agreement to implement a work plan for the protection of children in the conflict areas.

The two sides signed the agreement here Sunday in the presence of Sudanese Foreign Minister Professor Ibrahim Ghandour, Welfare and Social Security Minister Masha'air Al-Dawalab, other Cabinet ministers, the Assistant of the UN Secretary-General for the Protection of Children, Layla Zarougi, foreign diplomats and representatives of national and international organizations.

The agreement on the plan, whose begins immediately and continue for the next 12 months, was signed by State Minister at the Ministry of Welfare and Social Security Ibrahim Adam Ibrahim for the Sudanese government, the UN High Representative for the UN and representatives of the UN Children's Fund (Unicef) and the UN Mission in Dafur (UNAMID).

The Minister of Welfare and Social Security asserted the commitment of the Sudanese government at its highest levels on the protection of children in conflicts areas, and added that the signing of the agreement would enhance the joint efforts for the protection of the children concerned.

Expressing appreciation for the role of the UN, particularly Unicef, in supporting the plan, she added that the UN delegation would inspect a number of places in the country's various states to see for themselves the protection of affected children.

Zarougi commended the efforts of the Sudanese Children's Council for the signing of the plan for the protection of children in the conflicts areas, as well as the preventing children's recruitment, displacement, killings, assaults and kidnappings.

Saying that the plan was concerned with all aspects of the children's protection, especially the recruitment of children as combatants, she stressed the the necessity for the plan to be implemented by the relevant ministries.

Source: Name News Network

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