Sudan Transitional Partners Council reviews ‘political vision’

The formation of the Legislative Council, which was due to take place on December 31 with the support of by the FFC and other partners, has experienced significant delays.

The TPC also called for the governance and administration conference to be held soon, in line with the Juba Peace Agreement. The governance and administration conference is due to be held within six months of the signing of the Juba Peace Agreement on October 3, to set up final boundaries between the regions, federal levels of government, the regional governance structure, and the authorities of local governments.

The council also discussed “recent unrest in some Sudanese towns and the economic and political reasons behind it,” said Dr Maryam El Sadig El Mahdi, Spokeswoman of the TPC and new Minister of Foreign Affairs. The council also discussed regional and international mediations seeking to prevent a war between Sudan and Ethiopia, a relationship which remains tense following attacks by Ethiopian militiamen in eastern Sudan.

She underlined that the meeting reviewed the transition's political vision and the priorities of the government in the coming transitional period.

El Mahdi congratulated Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok and the newly-appointed ministers on the announcement of the new government of Sudan’s transitional period, commending its broad representation and experience.

Source: Radio Dabanga

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