Sudanese Oil and Gas Minister Dr. Abdulrahman Osman Abdulrahman says the country has received various investment delegations which have made offers to invest in the oil sector in the country.

The Ministry is considering these offers in which companies with the requisite financial and technical capabilities will be accepted, he said, pointing to efforts to prioritize investments to push up Sudan's oil production.

He added here Tuesday that Sudan's oil sector had expertise in all domains of the industry and he called on Sudanese workers in the sector to make greater efforts to increase the country's oil production.

Speaking during a meeting with workers of the Sudanese Oil Corporation to congratulate them on the occasion of the Muslinm festival of Eid al-Adha marking the ned of the holy month f Ramadan, he noted that China had shown willingness to expand its investments in the Sudanese oil and gas industry, and he pointing to a number of locations which China could enter to increase oil production.

Minister of State for Oil and Gas Saad al-Deen Hussein al-Bushra said the Ministry deals with the oil economies as a leading engine of the Sudanese economy and can achieve economic and social development. He welcomed the interest of the Chinese Petroleum Corporation to expand oil investments in Sudan, lauding China's strategic partnership with Sudan in the sector.\

Source: NAM News Network

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