Sudan junta orders Al Bashir regime officials to vacate government houses

Former senior officials of the Al Bashir regime, that was deposed in a military coup which seized power on April 11, have been given 48 hours to vacate government-owned houses that were allocated to them during their tenure with the former regime.

The Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic sent letters of warning to the former senior officials of the previous government and the incumbents of senior positions in the former federal government, ordering them to vacate the premises within a maximum period of 48 hours.

The houses to be vacated include those of the vice presidents, assistants, ministers, and other senior officials of the former government. Most of them are located in Khartoum and Khartoum North.

The deputy head of the Transitional Military Council, Lt Gen Mohamed Hamdan (aka Hemeti) announced the abolition of police promotions regulations and a new regulation in line with the regulations of other regular forces, the payment of 'cash alternatives', that was stopped by a decision issued in 2013, and a bonus of three-month salary in confirmation of its great role in the security process, stressing the need to structure the police and to remove them away from the regional and partisan and tribal affiliation.

Security tightened in Northern State

The Security Committee of the Northern State announced the increase in the number of security forces in the mining areas and deployment of mobile forces roaming the entire state to maintain security and prevent outlaws.

The decision of the Security Committee condemned in an emergency meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Metals in the state capital of Dongola on Wednesday after an incident where traditional miners burned and looted the property of a Turkish company.

The acting governor of the Northern State, Maj Gen Mohamed El Saouri, called on residents of the state and the miners to exercise restraint in the special situations that the country is going through, noting that the land belongs to the state and no one has the right to take anything by hand.

Source: Radio Dabanga

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