Sudan gov’t rejects Hemetti statements police, intelligence agencies

The Sudanese government described statements by the deputy chairman of the Sovereign Council about the control of the police and intelligence services as a clear violation of the Constitutional Document.

In remarks to Sudanese secondary school teachers on Thursday, Mohamed Hamdan Hemetti said the police and the General Intelligence Service should remain under the control of the military component to avoid its use by the transitional civilian government to “oppress citizens”, as he said.

In response to this statement on Friday, Cabinet Affairs Minister Khaled Omer Youssif emphasized that two security agencies have to be under the control of the civilian-led government.

“The statements of the Vice-Chairman of the Sovereign Council over the subordination of the security and police agencies to the military, are a clear violation of the Constitutional Document.”

He added that the Document governing the transitional period “clearly states in Article 36 that the police are subject to the executive authority, and in Article 37 that the intelligence service is subject to the sovereign and executive authorities.”

Hemetti’s statements come in the context of the escalating tension between the civil and military components after the failed coup attempt on September 21 and the refusal of the military to secure the seaports and vital roads in eastern Sudan.

The minister stressed that this statement constitutes a direct threat to the constitutional document and vowed to address it “in a serious and strict manner.”

During the past two years, Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok sought to promote a “harmonious partnership” between the civilian and military sides.

The current crisis should serve to correct the balance of power and to stick to the Constitutional Document as a basis for a democratic civil transition, wrote Madani Abbas a leading figure of the Forces for Freedom and Change on Friday.

Source: Sudan Tribune