Sudan detects limited crude oil leaks

(KHARTOUM) - Sudanese oil and gas ministry on said that South Sudan's crude oil transferred to export ports spilled in limited quantities in Houdi area of the River Nile State.

In a statement issued on Saturday seen by Sudan Tribune, the ministry pointed to corrosion on the nearly 20-year-old pipeline saying it caused the leaks.

The statement further said technical teams are working to repair the pipeline adding "the oil leak has already been contained by reducing the pressure until the urgent maintenance is completed".

The release did not pose an immediate threat to groundwater sources or nearby rivers, however, reliable sources told Sudan Tribune that oil leaking flooded many farms located on the outskirts of Atbara city.

But the oil ministry said that the leaks were estimated at around 2 barrels per hour and that the area affected did not exceed 200 meters, and reiterated that the situation is completely under control.

The 1,600 km pipeline was built by a consortium of Chinese, German, Argentine, British and Malaysian companies with a total pumping capacity of 450,000 bpd, according to sources in the energy and mining ministry.

The pipeline, which is 28 inches in diameter, pumps 150,000 bpd.

Source: Sudan Tribune

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