Sudan Call seeks Britain & French support for international inquiry on violent repression

(PARIS) - The opposition Sudan Call alliance appealed on British and French envoys to support the formation of an international commission of inquiry into the killing of peaceful demonstrators in Sudan.

The foreign relations official of the opposition umbrella, Yasir Arman, held meetings in London and Paris on Wednesday and Thursday with British and French envoys to Sudan and South Sudan, Chris Trott and Stephane Gruenberg.

Arman told Sudan Tribune that during these meetings he asked for the support of Britain and France as permanent members of the Security Council to step up the formation of an international commission of inquiry on the killing of protesters and the need to hold the perpetrators accountable.

The Sudanese government says 31 people have been killed during seven-week anti-government protests in various Sudanese cities since mid-December, while opposition forces and human rights groups say at least 50 people have been killed by excessive violence by the regime's security forces.

"We asked the envoys to raise these issues, during the upcoming 40th regular session of the Human Rights Council which will begin on 25 February," he said.

"Also, we called to support the demands of the Sudanese people for the resignation of al-Bashir and a peaceful transfer of power paving the way for a transition from totalitarianism to democracy, and from war to peace," he further said.

Last January, the EU Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs called on Sudan to ensure freedoms and release the political detainees.

"The implementation of much-needed political and economic reforms remains crucial to address grievances expressed by the population of Sudan," said the EU said before to stress that the "actions of the government of Sudan in this respect will have an impact on our bilateral phased engagement".

Arman who is also the deputy chairman of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N) led by Malik Agar pointed out that ending the armed conflicts in Sudan needs of a new formula because "the old recipes will not solve the issue".

"There are new players in the Sudanese political scene and the Sudanese revolution has reached the stage of non-return, so the old ways will not be useful to deal with Sudan and its issues," he stressed.

Arman further disclosed they called on the British envoy to take a strong position against Khartoum including the suspension of the strategic dialogue for the normalization of bilateral relations.

"Such a dialogue at this time is futile and useless," he said.

Source: Sudan Tribune

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