Sudan and Belarus have agreed to set up projects to exploit gas, manufacture agricultural equipment, produce and export agricultural crops and to improve animal resources and slaughterhouses and export meat.

Sudan's Minister of Oil and Gas, Dr. Abdul-Rahman Osman, disclosed this at a media conference here Tuesday, alongside Belarus Energy Minister Uladzimir Patupchyk, at the conclusion of the meeting of the 4th session of the bilateral Joint Co-operation Committee.

The meeting, which coincided with a forum of business leaders of both countries and the Belarus delegation's participation in the Khartoum International Fair, affirmed the importance of the forum, as shown by the fact that it came after signing of the minutes of the protocol of the 3rd meeting and facing the difficulties that accompanied its implementation.

He pointed to the importance of the recent lifting the United States embargo on Sudan in facilitating banking transactions, which will enable companies and businessmen to perform their activities. He said that there are many opportunities that Sudanese businessmen can benefit from.

The minister pointed out that the opening of an Embassy by Sudan in Belarus would enhance co-operation between the two countries.

The Belarusian Minister stressed the continuous development of relations between the two countries in all fields, explaining that the two sides have mutual interests that must be developed, adding that Sudan is an important partner for Belarus in the African continent and they are trying to enter the African market through Sudan, while hoping for Sudanese products to enter Europe via Belarus.

He asserted their readiness to build gas pipelines and implement the protocol of co-operation to contribute to the success of the forthcoming of the visit of the Sudanese President to Belarus

Source: NAM News Network

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