The government of Sudan declared its support for Ethiopia in its efforts towards preserving the unity of the Ethiopian people, and security of the country.

A Ministry of Foreign Affairs statement said Sudan renews its confidence in the wisdom of the Ethiopian leadership to make a smooth transition.

The statement noted the strong historic, joint interest, and fate that link Ethiopia and Sudan.

Expressing the confidence on the Ethiopian leadership and its ability to achieve a smooth transition, it reaffirmed Sudan's firm stand in backing Ethiopia's effort aimed to sustain the achievements gained so far.

It also expressed confidence not only on the wisdom of the Ethiopian government but also all the political forces, and their strong will and determination to serve and protect the interests of the Ethiopian people.

Ethiopia announced a state of emergency, on Friday, after Prime Minister, Hailemariam Desalegn, on Thursday, announced his intention to step down, amid unrest and a political crisis, in the Horn of Africa country.

The ruling EPRDF coalition's council, met on Friday, and decided to impose emergency rule, the state-run Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation, said.

Siraj Fegessa, Ethiopia's defence minister, told local media on Saturday that the state of emergency, due effective for six months, will bring together the country's security forces to ensure "the country's law and order is effectively maintained."

Source: NAM News Network

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