The Sudan Center for Horticultural Exports has predicted an increase in mango production and exports this year, with huge quantities of mangoes having already been exported to Jordan and Qatar and other countries which have placed orders for mangoes from Sudan.

The Director of the Center for Horticultural Exports, Abdul Rahaman Abdul Majid, told the Sudan News Agency (SUNA) that this season, because of the conducive climate, will see an increase in mango production, pointing out that a higher number of packing companies have entered the market, which will help boost exports.

He commended one company, Awalad Attab in the Sinja area of White Nile State, which exported more than 125 tons of mangoes since the season started a short while ago. He said the centre encouraged other companies to enter this market and exploit the opportunities for mango exports.

He said the centre has also started the export of dates to Ethiopia, following the adoption of a treatment and sterilization process at the centre in which Sudan had benefited from the Tunisian experience in the steam sterilization process of dates.

He said beside Ethiopia, Qatar is now expressing its interest to import sterilized dates from Sudan.

He urged producers to maintain the good reputation of Sudanese products and to avoid any excessive use of fertilizers and chemicals as the Sudanese products are known as being organic. He said farmers should give special attention to the cultivation and harvesting and packing processes.

Source: NAM News Network

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