Sturgeon will be used to 'PUNCH' and punish Britain in Brexit talks with EU, claims MEP

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EU officials, possibly Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker are using Sturgeon punish May

Anders Vistisen, a member of the Danish People’s Party, said Scotland’s attempts to secure a separate and special deal will be used to expose divisions within the UK and has been gleefully met by eurocrats.

In an interview with the Telegraph, Vistisen dismissed Sturgeon’s complex report which outlined her plans for Scotland to achieve “independence in Europe” as unrealistic because the country does not have experience in obtaining opt-outs.

The more united the stance from a country, the more chance you have to get concessions from Brussels

Anders Vistisen, Danish MEP

Vistisen said: “[The report] will be used by people who would like to punch Britain for Brexit and who are trying to derail some of the wishes coming from the United Kingdom.

“It will aid their arguments. Mostly they will do it to annoy London, they are not doing it to help Scotland.”

Anders Vistisen thinks Scotland will not get any special dealTwitter

Anders Vistisen thinks Scotland will not get any special deal from the EU

Sturgeon’s independence blueprint released on Tuesday expressed her desire to copy the Faroe Islands, a Danish territory which secured the support of the Danish government to obtain special opt out conditions.

But the Danish People’s Party politician said the “distinct difference” between Denmark-Faroe Islands and Britain-Scotland is that Denmark has experience in obtaining good opt-out deals and also has a good relationship with its territory, which is seen as an independent already because of its small population size.

Sturgeon's ScotlandGETTY

Sturgeon believes she can get the best deal for Scotland

Vistisen added: “The more united the stance from a country, the more chance you have to get concessions from Brussels.”

In previous talks about possible Brexit deals, Downing Street said the Government will only get a good Brexit deal if the UK is “unified with its response” – a statement Vistisen strongly supported.

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Theresa May has urged Sturgeon to focus on unifying the UK, to get a good Brexit deal for all

Sturgeon’s pushy proposals could even undermine the UK’s stance on areas like banking, agriculture or fisheries because “that’s where there is the most to gain or lose”.

A Scottish Government spokesman said that ministers have accepted the EU independence challenge.

The spokesman added: “Dealing with exceptional times, the European Union has shown itself capable of exceptional creativity. We look forward to the UK Government’s response to our proposals.”

Vistisen remained cynical about Scotland’s dreams and said they would have to accept a variety of deals, before they can set their sights on joining the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and the European Economic Area (EEA).

The Danish MEP added: “A separate Scotland in the EU would have to accept a German economic system, a hard border with England and the euro because Brussels are no longer willing give new members opt-outs”, along with an economic and hard border between the Scotland and the EU, which Sturgeon is trying to avoid.

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