Study on climate change and bumper crop in Eritrea hint to higher rainfall levels

Eritrea is expecting a very good harvest due to above average rainfall in most parts of the country.

The announcement was made by the country’s Minister of Agriculture, Arefaine Berhe, while making World Food Day on 16 October 2016 in the Hamelmalo College of Agricul-ture under the theme “Climate is Changing Food and Agriculture must too.”

According to a study, published in Nature Climate Change, there has been a recovery of the rainfall in the Sahel region prompted by rising temperatures in the Mediterranean Sea, climate science website CarbonBrief said.

The Sahel region stretches from the Atlantic coast of Mauritania and Senegal through to Sudan, Eritrea and the Red Sea. It gets almost all of its rainfall in one wet season between June and September.

Although, the study suggests that continued warming could make reliable rainfall more likely in the region, some scientists argue that climate change will be not beneficial for the Sahel – or Africa – overall.

Therefore, Eritrea’s location in the low rain and dry Sahel region makes this year’s World Food Day theme, “Climate is Changing Food and Agriculture must too.”, even more important, as Eritrea’s Agriculture Minister pointed out.

“Climate-smart agriculture is a matter of survival and this is precisely why Eritrea takes very seriously soil and water conservation, in general and water harvesting in particular,” the Minister said.

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