Stiff sugar competition

FIJI will face stiff competition from sugar beet producers from October next year when preferential quota access into the European market ends, says EU ambassador to the Pacific, Andrew Jacobs.

Speaking to the media after a meeting last week with agencies tasked with implementing programs funded by the EU to mitigate the expected challenges from October 2017, Mr Jacobs said every effort was being made to assist Fiji through the expected challenges.

“This is a very important period for Fiji’s sugar industry,” he said.

“In October 2017, the preferential prices that Fiji benefits from in the European market will come to an end.

“This is not something we wanted to happen, but it was a WTO (World Trade Organisation) ruling and this means that we have to stop in October and this means Fiji sugar and sugar from ACP ( African Caribbean Pacific) countries will be facing a more competitive situation in the European market.

“Fiji sugar will be facing competition particularly from EU sugar beet producers.

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