Statement by the Spokesperson on the General elections in Angola

On 23 august 2017, the people of Angola elected their representatives to the National Assembly and consequently to the Presidency,in the country#39;sthird general election since peace was re-established in 2002.The election marks an important moment of political transition in the country. Voters went to the polls in large numbers in a peaceful atmosphere, demonstrating their commitment to democracy. Moreover, this highly contested election was marked by anefficient organisation of the voting process.

At this moment in time, it is important that the electoral process is completed in full transparency and any complaint addressed through legal means. In view of future elections, efforts should continue to strengthen a level playing field.

The EU will continue to follow the process and stands ready to enhance bilateral relations with Angola in this new chapter of its history.

Source: DelegacAPound o da UniAPound o Europeia em Angola.

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