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SPLM Revolutionary Current threatens to boycott Sudan’s political process

The SPLM-N Revolutionary Democratic Current (RDC), Saturday renewed calls for implementing conducive environment measures and threatened to boycott the political process.

The Forces for Freedom and Changes (FFC) agreed with the military component on a two-step political process during which a number of confidence-building measures would be implemented. These measures include the end of violence against protesters, the release of political detainees and the removal of the Islamist journalists who are reappointed after the coup from the official media among others.

Following a meeting on Saturday, the RDC said the state media is still “in the grip of the remnants” of the former regime and is misleading public opinion.

Further, the meeting called to participate in the pro-democracy demonstrations scheduled on December 19 and urged the military government not to use excessive violence against protesters including the use of live ammunition stun grenades and tear gas.

“Our participation in the political process will not be a blank check, but rather linked to creating a suitable atmosphere and completing the tasks of the revolution, otherwise we will boycott it at any time,” stressed the statement.

The Revolutionary Democratic Current was among FFC groups that had longtime resisted the framework agreement.

Al-Burhan who has a bad reputation as a pledge breaker had promised the FFC leaders that he would end violence against protesters and remove the state TV, Radio director as well as the official news agency.

On December 10, the security forces killed a protester raising the number of the victims of the anti-coup protesters to 122 people.

According to the Central Committee of Sudanese Doctors, the security forces on December 15 used tear gas and a police vehicle rammed a protester.

Also, the FFC coalition called for the release of detained protesters including those accused of killing a police officer.

Source: Sudan Tribune


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