Sovereign Council urges to finalize drafting Sudan’s security law

The Sudanese authorities arrested a number of active members of the former regime, accusing them of being behind the riots in several Sudanese cities where protesters looted stores and street vendors and burned vehicles s and public buildings.

"The conditions that the country is going through require to expedite the endorsement of the Internal Security Law," said al-Faki in a statement posted on his Facebook page, Thursday.

"Achieving justice and reforming the security services are two interlinked issues that directly affect the improvement of the economy and the achievement of peace," he further wrote.

In March 2020, the government approved the formation of an internal security apparatus, but still, the mandate of the force and its command have not been established.

Some state governors complained recently of the lack of cooperation with the security forces to disperse rioters.

Al-Faki further pledged to support the new cabinet formed last Monday and expressed hope they would support the activities of the Empowerment Removal Committee.

We are looking forward to seeing "The support of the new ministers for the work of the removal committee (...)," he added.

The removal committee, which al-Faki chairs, faces criticism from supporters of the former regime and some parties of the transitional government.

Source: Sudan Tribune

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