South Sudanese youth petition leader over mandate

A group of South Sudanese youth has petitioned the government after their leader's mandate expired.

The group, in a letter to the youth, culture and sports ministry, said Albino Bol, whose term in office ended, is still clinging to the position.

According to the March 15 petition, the tenure of Bol, who was elected in 2015, ended on Friday last week.

In the petition, the group also called for election of new executive body.

Bol was elected South Sudan National Youth Union president in March 2015. Under the term of office of the union's constitution, the term of the elected executive body lasts for four years.

Soro Wilson Sebit, a member of the general assembly, expressed concerns over the legitimacy of national youth union's executive body.

He told Radio Tamazuj on Monday that mandate of the current executive body has expired, according to the youth's constitution.

We want the ministry to form a committee to audit and evaluate the term of the outgoing executive body under the leadership of Dr. Albino so that they are held accountable. We also need a new election done in a peaceful and transparent manner, said Soro.

He said the minister of culture, youth and sports was positive about the petition and promised to give them a feedback soon.

Soro urged fellow youth to play positive roles at this crucial time so that a new executive body of the union is formed through elections.

I am urging all the youth to be patient and work together with us so that we can have a new executive body soon, he added.

Soro further said the youth union's constitution also stipulates that an election be held three months before the end of the executive's term.

Meanwhile, the minister for culture, youth and sport, Nadi Arop Dudi said her office was still studying the petition submitted by the youth.

Arop said her ministry will use the existing laws governing youth union. They [can't] say we are going with article so and soNo. Now we have a petition in front of us, we want to compare that petition, because they know all these concerns will end with the ministry, she stressed.

The executive body led by youth leader Abino Bol could not immediately be reached for comment.

The national youth union was established in 2011 to among other things; recommend to the ministry the participation of individuals and associations in youth activities outside South Sudan as well as coordinate with the ministry to organize regional and international youth meetings and activities.

Source: Radio Tamazuj

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