Judges across South Sudan have vowed to continue with their strike now in its third month despite the sacking by South Sudanese President Salva Kiir of 13 senior judges who led the group demanding the resignation of the country's chief Justice and better working conditions.

The judges told journalists that they have formed a new Committee of Judges and Justices, following the dismissal of their leaders on Wednesday, vowing to continue with the strike across the country unless the Chief Justice Chan Reec Madut is removed and their colleagues reinstated.

The new chairman of the Committee of Judges and Justices of South Sudan, Bol Lul Wang said Saturday the group is shocked by the president's decision to dismiss their colleagues when they were simply demanding for better working conditions, adding that the President either meets their demands or dismisses all of them.

"We are very shocked and disappointed by the decree made by the president for dismissing our colleagues instead of answering our demands. What we have decided as Judges and Justices all over South Sudan is to continue with our strikes until our demands previously stated have been met including the reinstatement of our colleagues,'' Wang said.

In May, more than 200 judges and justices across South Sudan went on an open strike demanding the removal of Chief Justice Chan Reec Madut, who they said has failed to resolve their demands for allowances and better working conditions.

On Wednesday, President Salva Kiir issued a decree, dismissing 13 ring leaders of strike.

The judges argue that though the President has powers to appoint or dismiss them, he doesn't follow the right procedure for the dismissal of the 13.

"We think that the chief justice has misled the president because he is the one to guide the president on the right procedures to be taken for the dismissal of judges," he added

Source: NAM News Network

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