South Sudan to adopt new time zone starting February

(JUBA) - South Sudan will switch to a new time zone starting from 1 February 2021, the government has officially announced.

In a statement, the undersecretary in the Labour and Public Service ministry, Mary Hillary Wani Pitia said the young nation will shift back one hour from the Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) +3 to UTC+2.

The new time zone is based on South Sudan’s location on the globe.

“This means that the current time will be set back by one hour, the current 1:00 am will be set to 00:00 am, effective 1st February 2021,” reads the minister’s statement.

This means the East African country will be in the same time zone with Egypt, Sudan, and Malawi.

Separately, the information minister Michael Makuei said South Sudan is not using its real-time as per the Greenwich Meridian Time (GMT).

“The current time zone is not our actual time zone…We are in the 30th longitude and as such we are supposed to be two hours ahead of the Greenwich Time zone. So, it was clear that the far East is 2.4 hours and the far west is 1.6 hours,” he told the East African.

The world’s youngest nation approved this time change two weeks ago to fit its location in relation to the international time zone.

Source: Sudan Tribune

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