South Sudan: IDP's in Malakal get back to farming

24 June 2016 – With support from the Rural Community Action for Peace and Development (RUCAPD) Organization IDP’s in Malakal have started small scale farming for domestic consumption in safe buffer zones.

Following the unrest in the PoC site earlier this year, the UNMISS in Malakal has drawn plans of increased extension of the perimeter lines of the bump fence and elevated the military and sentry command posts around the protected areas and has demarcated clear and safe buffer zones.

Mr. Othow Niyom, a farmer, thanked the UNMISS for their protection, saying that they are now able to move freely and safely inside the zones.

“We are now able to come here and work and farm because we are well protected, when we are here we are not afraid, I can see the sentry post and I can even move around simply just to get fresh air, not like the times I had to stay in crowded tents”, said Mr. Niyom.

Nybong Yor, also a farmer, said that farming is the only way for him to produce his own food. He went on to say that he was encouraged by his neighbors to come out and get to work, planting, and harvesting rather than sitting idly.

“I urged everybody to come out, and to farm, although the spaces are small it is much better than staying at home. I came here when I saw people working, so I decided to come here to work also, so that I can get something to eat,” said Mr. Yor.

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