South Sudan: Fuel Efficient Stove (Lorena and Shielded Fire stove) Consultant

Project/Consultancy Title: Fuel Efficient Stove (Lorena and Shielded Fire stove) Consultant

Consultancy Location(s): Maban, Upper Nile State, South Sudan


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Purpose / Project Description:

Relief International through its’ Building Self-Reliance and Resilience program seeks to strengthen environmental protection and natural resource management to improve the self-reliance of the refugee and refugee hosting population in Maban County, Upper Nile State, South Sudan. While the projects’ Livelihoods component will primarily target refugees in Batil and Doro camps, the environmental protection activities will benefit both the refugees and host communities. The program will address rapid environmental degradation and deforestation through tree planting, support to sustainable livelihoods programming and promote the production and use of fuel efficient cook stoves. RI will promote the local manufacture and sale of fuel efficient cook stoves (lorena and shielded fire stove models) targeted training, capacity building support, and start-up kits to vulnerable refugees. The consultancy is therefore to provide ToT trainings to groups of selected refugees on the production, use, maintenance and marketing of the energy efficient cook stoves.

Consultant Objectives:

Overall Objective: To increase access to and promote the use of improved/energy efficient cook stoves.

Specific objectives:

  • To increase access to energy saving stoves for beneficiaries through communal production.
  • To be used at household-level.
  • To create potential income generating capacities.
  • To ease food preparation process and reduce fuel (firewood/charcoal) consumption.
  • To raise public awareness at the community level on the benefits of improved cook stoves and create demand for future follow-on activities.
  • To reduce the rate of deforestation and promote environmental protection.

Expected Key Results from the Consultancy:

  • All RIs’ project officers should be equipped with sufficient skills to help establish sustainable fuel efficient energy saving stoves when called upon to do so.
  • Two production groups (one in Batil and one in Doro refugee camps) comprising 15 members each should be equipped with skills to manufacture lorena and shielded fire stoves, sourcing and preparation of stove construction materials, the use and maintenance of stoves, and efficient cooking practices.
  • All trainees should be able to mainstream business skills, including marketing strategies and basic literacy / numeracy required for the expansion of fuel efficient stove production.
  • Twenty Lorena stoves and twenty Shielded fire stoves established through the capacity building process. RIs’ project Officers and production groups in Doro and Batil camp will replicate learning to other beneficiaries.
  • Produce a basic pictorial instructional manual for the Lorena and shielded fire stove production that will be used by the production groups and RIs’ project officers.
  • Lead a rapid market assessment of Lorena and Shielded fire stove commercialization/marketing.

Consultant Deliverables:

Work plan

The consultancy is expected to last between 4 to 5 weeks. The consultant will draw a comprehensive training plan and schedule, including dates, resources needed to start and technical areas of intended capacity building.

Literature Material

The consultant will be expected to bring along relevant training materials on Lorena and shielded fire stove related technologies. These materials will become Relief Internationals’ property for reference in future programming.

Production of the Fuel efficient stoves

Relief International expects a practical capacity building and therefore there must be a process in which one Lorena stove and one Shielded Fire stove are produced by each of the trainees. For constructions, the consultant will work with Relief International Project Officers who will be focal points for monitoring.


The consultant must deliver a theoretical training to all targeted participants of capacity building on Fuel efficient stove technologies. Training should include maintenance methods, use, adoption of improved cook stoves at households’ level and strategies to commercialize the technology and making it an income generating activity among the refugee population.


Consultant must write a comprehensive report, indicating what areas Relief International needs to strictly follow up to ensure sustained enhancement of learning, promotion, commercialization/marketing and adoption.

Target clients/Trainees:

  • Relief International project Officers (4 persons).
  • Community members in Doro refugee camp (15 persons).
  • Community members in Batil refugee camp (15 persons)
  • State and County level Ministry of agriculture and Forestry field staff (2 persons)

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • The consultant (or consultancy firm) must have at least 6 years technical experience in Fuel efficient stove.
  • At least 6 years’ experience in Lorena and Shielded fire stoves constructions and promotion of improved cook stoves.
  • Experience with Cook stoves technologies within South Sudan, East, Central and Southern Africa.
  • Experience establishing cook stoves in very rural settings.
  • Advanced knowledge of different cook stoves materials.

RI Values:

We would like to share Relief International's Values with you:

We uphold the Humanitarian Principles: humanity, neutrality, impartiality, and operational independence. We affirmatively engage the most vulnerable communities. We value:

  • Inclusiveness
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Agility and Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Sustainability

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