South Sudan: Cash-Based Humanitarian Assistance (27 March 2019)


Cash and vouchers has become a progressively preferred modality of assistance in 2018. During the last quarter of 2018, more than 900,000 beneficiaries were assisted through cash and voucher programmes across 54 counties in 10 states of South Sudan. Total 38 Cash and voucher programmes were implemented during the reporting period by 37 partners and more than 29 million US $ worth of cash and vouchers were distributed.

Among all the assisted counties, the highest number of assisted beneficiaries are from Aweil North, Aweil East and Aweil West which is roughly 24.45% of the total assisted caseload. Moreover, Kapoeta East hosted 19,406 beneficiaries which is the lowest number of assisted beneficiaries against the total caseload.

Within the last quarter of 2018, the highest number of beneficiaries were assisted in the month of October while November had the sudden dip in the number of assisted beneficiaries. However, the number of assisted beneficiaries again inclined back in December 2018.

The dominant modality of assistance in the last quarter of 2018 was vouchers which supported 86% of the beneficiaries s while cash was availed to assist 14% of the caseload.

Source: World Food Programme

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