SLMAW says Abdel Wahid its legitimate leader, rejects his dismissal

The Sudan Liberation MovementAbdel Wahid (SLMAW) rejected a decision by a new splinter group saying the legitimacy of its leader emanates from his election by a general conference of the rebel movement.

A group of SLMAW leading political members and commanders flanked by IDPs and refugees issued a statement on Wednesday announcing the removal of the group leader and decision to hold a general conference.

This group missed that the Chairman and founder of the SLM/A was elected by the General Conference as the highest authority in the Movement and his powers cannot be frozen by a runaway group," said the group spokesperson Walid Mohamed Abakr.

Abakr went further to accuse the splinter of negotiating with the transitional military council.

The SLMAW's rejection to take part in peace talks has been a source of frustration within the SLMAW, as many called for a pragmatic approach.

Since Abuja talks in 2016, The group has refused to participate in any peace process before to address the consequences of the 16year armed conflict, pointing to the restoration of land ownership, the expulsion of newcomers from the land of IDPs and refugees, compensations, justice, and disbanding of government militias in Darfur.

In the past, several factions denounced this line and broke away from the Movement.

Source: Sudan Tribune

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