Significant dip in passenger traffic recorded at King Hussein Bridge

The King Hussein Bridge, which serves as a key point of entry and exit for passengers, has experienced a decline in its operations since the outbreak of the war on Gaza. Nidal Shamayleh, the Director of the Bridge's customs office, stated that in October, the office recorded only 3,000 passengers arriving and departing due to the restrictions imposed by Israel, compared to 19,000 passengers in September. As for freight movement, the office recorded the transit of around 8,000 trucks, which is significantly less than the previous month's 15,000 trucks, added Shamayleh. He noted that the border crossing had been closed multiple times since the war on Gaza started, allowing passage only for tourists, embassy diplomats, and foreign nationals evacuations. Shamayleh pointed out that there is ongoing cooperation with the other side to increase the number of travelers and trucks without imposing any restrictions on the Palestinians. Additionally, efforts are being made to facilitate the entry of aid convoys carr ying wheat and medicines to the Palestinian side. Source: Jordan News Agency