Several ‘thorny’ issues resolved in Sudan’s Kadugli

The wali confirmed that conditions are “calm” in the state during a meeting with the Committee to Stop Hostilities and Promote Peaceful Coexistence on Thursday, to discuss insecurity in the town and its surroundings.

Enjali Abkar, Kadugli’s Chairman of the Committee, explained in a statement following the meeting that the establishment of the conference would greatly contribute to laying new foundations for peaceful coexistence among the components of the state.

He said that the committee, since its inception, has “resolved several thorny files,” including overcoming issues which have been ongoing for over fifteen years.

Enjali said that “despite bitterness and challenges, the committee acted with determination and impartiality.” The wali said that the committee played an important and effective role by assessing the situation and the development of the security situation in the state.

In addition to the conference, El Bashir announced reparation for the families affected by the events, reassuring the citizens of the state of the imminent breakthrough of the flour and fuel crisis, and the expansion of the My Goods project to ease the pressure and suffering of the people of the state.

The committee has acted as a mechanism for stopping hostilities and reconciliations in the Kadugli locality and surrounding areas since August. Residents of Kadugli have been complaining about rampant insecurity in the town and its surroundings for months, which has affected up to 4,000 people.

In mid-January, El Bashir imposed a number of measures in Kadugli in an attempt to contain violent incidents in the town. In addition to a curfew, he ordered a ban on carrying weapons in public places and markets, including members of the military.

Source: Radio Dabanga

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