Senate committee, UK Conservative delegation talk ties

The Senate's Committee on Arab, International and Expatriate Affairs, headed by Hani Mulki, on Sunday discussed bilateral relations with a delegation from British Conservative Party in the UK House of Commons, headed by President of Middle East Affairs, Lord Risby. During the meeting, Mulki said His Majesty King Abdullah II's speech at the United Nations defined foundations of Jordan's foreign policy, and highlighted national issues and priorities, foremost is the Palestinian cause and the refugee issue on the Kingdom's soil. The speech also noted Jordan's "firm" position towards ending the conflict in the region through the two-state solution and the establishment of a viable Palestinian state on the June 4, 1967 borders, Mulki pointed out. On the refugee file, Mulki expressed hope that the international community fulfills its promises and provide support to the Kingdom to enable it to continue its humanitarian role towards refugees. Jordan, he noted, provided basic services to refugees, which put "remarkable" pressure on the country's facilities that face "major" economic challenges. Mulki noted that the Kingdom's citizens bear a "great" burden, as the government continues to provide basic services, especially education and health, pointing out that the assistance is directed to infrastructure, but refugee problem constitutes economic pressure on the government. As for human rights situation, Mulki said Jordan has been and continues to be a country calling for peace and coexistence since its establishment, stressing that the Kingdom, under His Majesty King Abdullah II's leadership, plays a "pivotal" role in bringing peace and stability to the region. For their part, the UK delegation stressed the "deep-rooted" bilateral relations and importance of building on them in various fields and sectors. The delegation also noted the visit aims to strengthen relations, noting that they learned about Syrian refugee camps and the security situation related to drug smuggling. The delegates emphasized that Jordan's security is key for the region's stability, which is viewed a necessity for the United Kingdom.

Source: Jordan News Agency