Security situation in West Darfur: violent robberies continue

A group of gunmen robbed passengers of a transport vehicle carrying goods in the Hashaba area, four kilometres west of Kereinik in West Darfur, yesterday morning. In Saraf Omra, a man was shot in a robbery by members of regular armed forces.

People living in the area told Radio Dabanga that the armed robbers intercepted a Buffalo vehicle owned by Adam Khamis.

Passengers' phones, cash and luggage were stolen and the robbers took the vehicle with them too, leaving the passengers on the road.

On Sunday, a man sustained a gunshot wound when members of a regular armed force raided a party in the Wadi neighbourhood of Saraf Omra, a town in North Darfur that borders West Darfur.

Witnesses told Radio Dabanga that three armed men belonging to a regular force also stole a vehicle before it was later found in another neighbourhood.

The wounded man was transferred to El Geneina Hospital in West Darfur.

Security in West Darfur

Last week, Radio Dabanga reported on the worrying security situation in Kereinik. Especially the roads towards El Geneina and other important areas in West Darfur witness armed robberies and murders.

On Thursday, armed militias looted cash, property, and phones of passengers of a Buffalo vehicle near the Hashaba area.

Kereinik formed the stage of violent attacks at the end of last month, which led to the death of more than 200 people and the injury of at least 136 others. More than one hundred thousand were displaced as a result of the violence and the Higher Committee to Stop the Massacres in West Darfur called the attacks a ‘genocide’.

Source: Radio Dabanga

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