Sanctions From Sudan Pledge Exerting Energy to Lifting Sanctions From Sudan

Arab league urges for lifting United States sanctions imposed on Sudan and continuity of international and Arab funds to offering support for Sudanese economy, reported local media on Sunday. Meanwhile Arab league pledges to exert efforts with UN and international organizations to prevent offer sheltering to armed movements and delivery of support to them.
Instead Arab league calls for supporting negotiation option. Arab league council at ministers of foreign affairs level calls in a decision Issued Friday by secretary general to continue coordination between Arab league and AU to halt ICC proceedings against President Omar AL Bashir. Arab league renewed call to UNSC uses its power stipulates in article 16 of Rome statute to stop ICC proceedings combined by head of states immunity and diplomatic privileges for the year 1961. On U.S embargo targeted halt of purchasing spare parts for Sudan national air fleet and right for chartering planes Arab league council confirms Arab countries right for prompting its air fleets based of free atmosphere and competitive without being targeted politically . The council also considers American sanctions on Sudan railways as violation to international law and UN charter.

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