Russia's strength in the Middle East

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Since taking over as Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has made the
night time economy one of his main priorities. Mirik Milan is Amsterdam’s
‘night mayor’.


In Sudan there is grave concern about the humanitarian
situation as the crisis continues. Justin Forsyth is deputy executive director of
the UN Children’s Fund and has just returned from South Sudan.


Usain Bolt is on course to achieve a “triple treble” of
Olympic gold medals – that is gold medals in the 100m, 200m and 4×100 relay in
Beijing 2008, London 2012, and now Rio 2016. Norman Peart is Usain Bolt’s business


The news site will shut down next
week, just days after its parent company was purchased by Univision. Robert Colvile is author of The Great Acceleration:
How the World is Getting Faster, Faster about how the media landscape is


Water voles are being returned to a lake in the Yorkshire
Dales in what is thought to be the largest reintroduction project for the
endangered mammal in Britain. Roisin Black is National Trust ranger for Malham
Tarn Estate.


Russia says it’s prepared to back a 48 hour
ceasefire in the city of Aleppo following an impassioned appeal by the UN envoy
to Syria. Lord Williams is former UN envoy for the
Middle East and Misty Buswell is Save the Children’s director of
advocacy for the Middle East.


Donald Trump has revamped his campaign team
this week because the polls are not going his way. The BBC’s James Naughtie


A district judge is to decide today whether or not to lift a
sexual risk order (SRO) from a man who currently has to give police 24 hours’
notice before having sex. Eleanor Laws QC specialises in prosecuting and
defending sex offences.


Sadiq Khan reached his first 100 days in office as Mayor of
London this week. He has suggested delaying the start of Brexit negotiations,
but how will he seek to promote London’s interests? We speak live to the mayor.


Mark Cavendish has returned home
from Rio with a Silver medal to his name as part of Team GB’s hugely successful
cycling team.


The Prime Minister Theresa May has said that the Midlands
has untapped potential and supporting a ‘Midlands engine’ would be a key part
of the government’s new industrial strategy. David Jamieson is Police and Crime
Commissioner for the West Midlands and Professor Catherine Staite is director at
the Institute of Local Government Studies at the University of Birmingham.


Brazilian police say that at least one of a group of US
Olympic swimmers questioned about their story that they had been robbed in Rio
has admitted it was untrue. Wyre Davies is the BBC’s Brazil correspondent.


Australia and Papa New Guinea have announced
they are shutting Manus Island detention centre but offered no details on when
it will happen or on the fate of the 854 men being held there.
Paul Stevenson is a psychologist and whistleblower who worked on Manus


Scottish comedian Scott Agnew, who was diagnosed last year as
HIV positive, is hoping talking about his illness in his show at the Edinburgh Fringe
Festival will challenge some of the stereotypes around the virus.


The start of 2016 saw the highest number of
terrorism deaths in Western Europe since 2004. William Chalk is a BBC Newsbeat
Reporter and Johan Norberg is an author and historian.

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