Rumbek citizens want security tightened ahead of festive season

As the festive season draws closer, citizens in Rumbek town of Lakes State urged the authorities to intensify security patrols in the area.

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj on Friday, several residents asked the relevant authorities to be alert during the festive season to control the security situation.

Maker Makur, a resident of Rumbek, said: “There are still few criminal groups in Rumbek. They used to fight by hand and sticks. The police should enforce law and order to reduce such crimes.”

He said currently, there is peaceful coexistence among the communities and freedom of movement between the counties and neighbouring states.

"There is a great change; people travel from Juba through Yirol, Aluakluak to Rumbek without fear which was not there before. There is relative peace and stability because there are not many robbery cases. People here are enjoying the freedom of movement,” Maker said.

Kuong Kuot, another resident in Rumbek, said: "Many people have returned to Rumbek, and people are preparing so many activities for Christmas this year. So we need the authorities just to be alert because the area is peaceful.”

Abraham Malok, another resident, urged the Lakes State governor to increase protection for everyone to celebrate Christmas peacefully in Rumbek.

"Last week, there were clashes among the section of Nielniel, which left one person dead, and again, there was a road ambush in Rumbek North. All these are indicators that the government needs to disarm the civilians,” he concluded.

Source: Radio Tamazuj